Up to now, we have provided more than 8.5 million tons production capacity to global customers. More than 90 CP production lines have been contracted and built by OBHE, of which the process of 5 reactors, 4 reactors and 2 reactors are adopted, and in which the minimum and maximum capacity of single line can reach 30t/day and 1800t/day respectively. The technology of differential polyester has been applied in CP production by OBHE for the first time, furthermore, the relevant CP plant which is suitable for differential polyester production has been launched successfully, meanwhile, the melt direct spinning is also realized, so that the product quality of differential polyester is significantly improved and the production cost is reduced. Presently many plants are running successfully which including the various kinds of products such as CDP, ECDP, low melting point, fire retardant, water (alkali) soluble, high shrinkage and so on.

OBHE has been engaged in researching of technology of semi-continuous polyester plant for many years and always occupied the leading position, and various processes have been developed successfully such as 1-stage esterification and 1-stage polycondensation, 2-stages esterification and 1-stage polycondensation, 1-stage esterification and 2-stages polycondensation, so as to satisfy different demands from the market, in which the maximum capacity of single line can reach 150t/day, the market share of all built projects is over 70% and mainly are applied in differential products with high additional values.