Membrane grade PET (BOPET) Polyester:

There are many kinds of PET film, because it has excellent physical properties, chemical properties and dimensional stability, transparency, recyclability, can be widely used in magnetic recording, photographic materials, electronics, electrical insulation, high oh but also with film, packaging decoration, screen protection, optical and mirror surface protection and other fields.

"OBHE" Membrane (BOPET) polymerization process features:

Continuous sizing system, high degree of automation, precision control of sizing system.

The optionality of the main process flow can provide A five-kettle production line with one end and one end, or A/B material production line with two ends.

The auxiliary material system adopts diversified design, which can flexibly prepare different auxiliaries according to different membrane products.

High manufacturing accuracy of the five autoclaves, to ensure that the product indicators: B value 1±0.5, L value 90±1. The unique structure and piping system design of the first preshrink tank reduce the amount of material in the tank when parking, reduce the amount of waste discharge.

Provide stable and reliable melt transport design, realize melt straight pull film and A/B material composite straight pull film, can save equipment investment and operation costs, reduce the production cost of BOPET film.