In 2016:

2L and 30L test equipment of Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences

Beijing Solavay Technology Co., Ltd. 1L test device

In 2017:

Zhejiang Hailide New Material Co.,Ltd. 20L test device and 50L drum viscosifying device

Zhejiang Hengyi High-tech Material Co., Ltd. 5L test device

30L reactor polymerization project of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

In 2018:

Tongcheng Chemical (China) Co., Ltd. 100L PBAT test device

In 2019,

2L experimental device of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Hainan Yisheng 5L experimental device

Yingkou Comfort 100L PBAT experimental device

Dalian Technology 5LPBS Polymerization Test Facility

In 2021,

Zhejiang Tongkun New Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd. 300L semi-continuous polymerization device and 5L intermittent polyester small test device

Zhejiang Huafeng New Material Co., LTD. 6M ³ TPEE intermittent production device

In 2022,

Kucukcalik TEKSTIL SAN.VE TIC.A.S. 35+15TPD SCP+300L Batch experiment setup

In 2023,

Zhejiang JSJ new material Co., LTD.   Single line 2000 tons/year TPEE intermittent production unit

In 2024,

Hangzhou Heshun Technology Co., LTD.  5L polymerization experimental equipment