PBS/PBAT polymerization plant Engineering:

"Clear waters and green mountains are better than gold and silver mountains." The country has put forward a new development direction from the strategic level, saying goodbye to the extensive development in the past and paying attention to sustainable development ideas. Synthetic resin (commonly known as: plastic) has become the third most important material next to metal and cement. Synthetic resin has brought convenience to life, but it also brings serious "plastic pollution". In order to solve the problem of plastic pollution, there are two directions: one is recycling, the other is biodegradation, returning to nature. PBAT (polyethylene glycol terephthalate) is a copolymer product with good properties developed on the basis of PBS (polybutanediol succinate). The product has excellent flexibility and biodegradation performance, can be injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and other processing methods, can be widely used in sheet, packaging, plastic film, foaming, adhesives and other places.

The third generation PBAT process device developed by our company can produce PBS, PBSA, PBST and PBT products when meeting the production of PBAT products, especially PBAT products, the quality is more excellent, to meet the needs of customers in different markets and different seasons, greatly enhancing the flexibility of the device.

Process features:

The process is flexible and can be customized for the whole set of units: co-esterification, split esterification, series esterification and esterification processes, as well as direct and distributed polycondensation (commonly known as two-step) processes.

With unique eight-kettle process design, the whole unit has a soft response and stable production. At present, the maximum single line capacity can achieve an annual output of 60,000 tons, and there are successful cases.

Unique thickening kettle design ensures excellent product quality.

Self-designed drying system, good drying effect, low residual rate of moisture and THF in the product, to meet the needs of downstream customers.

Online terminal carboxyl adjustable (≤18mol/t), melting finger 3.0±0.5g/10min, excellent product quality.

The improved vacuum system design ensures stable production.

The THF recovery device adopts the industry's most advanced design, and the THF recovery concentration can reach 99.99% or more.