According to your requirements OBHE tailors the overall design of the thermomechanical recycling solution “Homogenizer” for customers final application

We can ensure a long-term and stable operation of our provided plants, due to our efficient and reliable main equipment

Our stable and advanced technology ensure an easy process controling and good quality of the final product.

With our experience chemical plant design, you cooperate with one competent partner in the thermomechanical recycling world of PET.

The Homogenizer can achieve a constant residence time spectrum of the melt along with low IV deviation within the opportunity of an adjustable IV increase up to 0.2 [dl/g] is one highlight of this technology.

Main components of our recycling solution consist of an extruder, a first filter unit, the heart of the system "The Homogenizer" with the related vacuum system and finally another filter unit along with a discharge pump.

The remaining process steps for raw material preparation system as well as the polymer transfer system could be part in OBHEs scope of supply.

With our technology you can realize applications such as bottle to bottle, bottle to fiber, film to film as well as fiber to fiber.