OBHE in Bangladesh: While the MSL project is underway

Oerlikon Barmaghuitong (Yangzhou) Engineering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "OBHE") is the general contractor of Bangladesh Modern syntex limitied (hereinafter referred to as "MSL") spinning grade PET continuous polymer plant project, with supporting spinning equipment (POY, DTY, FDY and PSF) at the back. The project is well under way.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the project, OBHE engineers are fully prepared, quickly arrive at the MSL project site, actively and seriously invest in the project installation and commissioning, and check one by one with OTIL engineers and MSL management staff on the site, meticulous and overtime, just to deliver the perfect answer to the customer.

Excellent process technology coupled with accurate installation is the cornerstone of qualified products. OBHE engineers work day and night in the field to guide the installation and commissioning of equipment, supervise the installation of process pipes, check the professional operation of electrical instruments, and strive to achieve excellence, and escort the smooth driving of the project!

Wish MSL project one-time drive success!