Good news for autumn: Pakistan Ismail project one-time success.

Autumn October, meaning the harvest season. Oerlikon Barmag huitong (Yangzhou) Engineering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "OBHE") received the trans-oceanic good news: The Pakistan Ismail 300 tons per day bottle chip polyester project contracted by OBHE successfully started a one-time operation. OBHE field engineers and the Batie brothers work together and forge ahead, and all the efforts are only for this fruitful moment.

Review the initial project, from the beginning of delivery to installation, commissioning, to the present zero waste one-time driving success. OBHE field engineers work day and night and are not afraid of hardship. As in hot Pakistan, the enthusiasm for work has only increased. In the early stage of driving, the OBHE project engineers checked and implemented every detail at the Ismail site, so that any problems encountered in the project site were solved, which made a perfect preparation for the success of the driving.

Once again, congratulations on the success of Pakistan's Ismail project! OBHE will take this hard-won honor, make persistent efforts, move forward on the future road, ride the wind and waves!